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Internationally Uniform Top-Qualification for SPAR Professional Trainers

The international grocery chain SPAR builds on the innovative WIFI Train the Trainer-programme: During a strategic cooperation WIFI, together with SPAR, developed a three-step qualifications programme in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria.

Trainings in Local Language by Latest Teaching Research Standards

“What makes this cooperation special and what led to these contract: With our trainers, we can offer training programmes in their respective native country and tongue; training programmes of uniform and highest standards due to the WIFI-network’s international collaboration,” says pleased WIFI Austria head of institute, Michael Landertshammer. A further asset is the didactic basis: The WIFI learning model LENA guarantees lively and sustainable learning according to latest teaching standards.

Facilitating adult-friendly learning

„In our company, in-house experts permanently pass on their knowledge to our employees“, explains Raimund Lainer, SPAR’s corporate manager of human resources. “We therefore emphasise that all trainers possess methodological and didactic competence that allows adult-friendly learning.“ He is convinced by the WIFI learning model LENA, which stresses individual learning processes and autonomous problem-solving by using practical examples. At the beginning of the collaboration, WIFI International organised workshops for the whole SPAR trainer team in February 2013 at home and abroad. Their purpose was to translate SPAR norms and values into the relevant language and culture and develop an international standardised learning programme based on LENA.

Three-step certified trainer education

The first step of the thirteen-day WIFI trainer‘s programme took place in spring and summer 2013: „The 140 professional trainers from six countries, who passed the basic education are thrilled with the programme“, reports Josef Huber, Austria SPAR International AG’s human resources developer. “They had the chance to learn about new and effective teaching and learning methods which they were able to apply from day one onwards. Thanks to the positive response, the WIFI Train the Trainer-programme will become a fixed part of the international SPAR education programme.” In the following year the programme continued: Those SPAR participants who took part in the whole three-step WIFI Train the Trainer-programme received the internationally acknowledged WIFI trainer-diploma and the ISO trainer certificate. Since 2014, more than 40 professional trainers of SPAR passed the certification to Certified Trainer of Adult Education according to EN ISO 17024. In total, 200 SPAR employees went through the WIFI-trainer education.

For WIFI International the successful collaboration with SPAR is further proof for being on the right track: „Companies are increasingly looking for education partners that offer not only top education programmes in Austria but also in the CEE/SEE area, applying the same standards in the required local languages”, explains Landertshammer. “This is exactly what we are offering with our WIFI network in Central and Southeast Europe. It adds to the competitiveness of Austrian companies abroad.“

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