WIFI International trains caregivers in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia

27,000 people need personal care in Austria. And the number is increasing. They are looked after by about 70,000 independent caregivers at home. Around half of the caregivers work in Vienna and Lower Austria.
For them, WIFI International has initiated a compact and innovative training program in cooperation with the professional association for caregivers in the economic chamber of Vienna and Lower Austria.

Workshop program

"The program consists of 3 workshops on dementia, conflict and kinesthetics. This enables caregivers to deal with conflict situations correctly, for a better understanding and responding to dementia patients. The training helps to prevent physical overload due to incorrect posture when moving persons in need of care", explains Mag. Anton Aufner, Head of WIFI International.

In the years 2017 and 2018, 20 workshops were held in German language in Slovakia (Bratislava, Kosice), Romania (Timisoara, Resita) and in Hungary (Budapest) with a total of 213 participants. The self-employed caregivers did not only improve their professional, but also their German language skills. The lecturers, who consistently have practical experience and a medical background or relevant practice in dealing with old and dependent persons, speak the respective national language and can support the participants with linguistic uncertainties.

Improved quality of caring

"The workshops raise the quality of caring for old and sick people. The trainings so fare were a complete success. A next goal is the extension of the program to self-employed persons caregivers from all over Austria with training courses in the countries of origin", says Anton Aufner, head of WIFI International.