WIFI International support Omanization for the Company Bauer

The energy and water treatment sectors has undergone major changes in Oman in recent years. Bauer Nimr LLC, which has been active in this area for almost 10 years, takes this development into account. The Bauer Nimr project of the international Bauer Group operates an innovative wetland treatment plant in Oman for the purification of water from oil production.

Omani workers are supported by a training program developed in cooperation with WIFI International. It offers an extension of their skills in a total of 5 modules of workers with a high school education and at least 5 years of professional experience.
As part of the theoretical and practical training, the Omani workforce is brought closer to technical knowledge, tools to increase productivity and efficiency as well as safety measures.

All 5 modules will be carried out on site by experienced WIFI trainers in English. Topics include electrical engineering, basics in machine components and diesel engines, metrology and machine maintenance, welding and flame cutting, operation and maintenance of pumps and preventive maintenance.
Further training is presumably planned for 2019.

Bauer Module 2