Highly technical Know-how for Digital Elektronik in Bosnia

For Digital Elektronik GmbH it is important that the metalworking staff of the Bosnian branch operate at a consistently high level. Mutual support and efficient work on all machines, also with regard to time and material resources are in the foreground.

Since 2015, WIFI International has been providing trainings for the Salzburg manufacturer of electronic devices. These include the following topics:

  • CNC turning and milling,
  • CAM programming,
  • Machining technology,
  • CAM Works Milling-Turning (turning and milling for machines in multi-tasking area),
  • CAM Works turning for 2- and 4-axis and
  • Programming of CNC lathes

The goal is that the employees can independently carry out all necessary work in the daily production area without complications.

Internationally recognized Certificates for Welders

In 2017, sweat trainings were conducted at the Bosnian branch. The local workforce already had many years of experience in welding and was able to pass the certification test through the certification body of WIFI Austria. The internationally recognized certificate provides proof that one or more welding processes can be carried out in compliance with standards and with high quality.