Almost 40 branch and area managers went through the instructor training according to the Austriann model in the last years – naturally in Slovak. The participants learned new methods with great enthusiasm that can now be effectively implemented in the work with apprentices.

When it comes to the education of Austrian apprenticeship trainers, DM Slovakia has relied on WIFI for many years. Reason enough to successfully design the training of apprentices in Slovakia. 39 branch and area managers went through an instructor training according to the Austrian model in 2014 and 2015. It goes without saying that this training was adapted to the needs of the Slovakian customer and held in Slovak.

Focus of the training

Reflection of the instructor role, training methods, setting up training objectives. Communication of apprentices, legal aspects of the training in Slovakia – those were the main focus points of the training that certainly was designed according to the WIFI-Learning Model LENA lively and sustainably.

The Head of the Department of Human Resources Development at DM Slovakia, Dr. Ružena Zeleňáková, who took part in the WIFI-instructor training, was excited: „We developed new ideas together, learned new methods or invented them ourselves that support us in our work with apprentices. It was very rewarding to work together with the trainers, as they reacted very flexible and sensitive to our demand and company culture. We will work on the many impressions, each of us for ourselves, some together in the group as well, and implement them in practice.“

Training of qualified young staff is very important

The training of qualified staff with high consulting expertise has a high priority for DM Slovakia. For this reason, DM has implemented an apprenticeship training since 2011: In 125 slovakian branches, the young staff will be qualified and trained. To reach this goal, DM works closely with vocational schools in different regions of Slovakia.