J. u. A. Frischeis uses WIFI-Know-how

"The ideal combination of theory and practice": describes Anna Kirilova, Managing Director of JAF Bulgaria, the international WIFI training measures. The seminars for the subsidiary of the international JAF Group were supported by "go international".

J. u. A. Frischeis (JAF) is Central Europe's leading dealer for wood and wood materials.

Anna Kirilova, National Director of JAF Bulgaria: "Our cooperation with WIFI Bulgaria started already in 2011 - a very turbulent time for JAF Bulgaria, where the support of personnel was of crucial importance for the success of the company."

Since then, a series of training courses have been carried out in the fields of "management", "social competence", "sales" and "marketing". In these training sessions, JAF Bulgaria benefited greatly from the international know-how of WIFI Bulgaria. Thanks to the many new methods and techniques, day-to-day work was improved and the competence of the employees was further expanded - both important contributions to the successful internationalization and quality improvement of the company .

Anna Kirilova: "In addition, thanks to go international, we had the opportunity to finance these important training measures with the help of the Austrian Economic Chamber. With all these advantages, it is hardly surprising that we have already participated in the initiative for the third time this year. "

This year, a special focus lay on "Time Management" and "Change Management" training sessions. In training at the workplace, special attention was paid to the individual working situation.

Anna Kirilova: "Our employees benefit from the ideal combination of theory and practice of the initiative 'go international' - that inspires and also contributes decisively to our company success!"

Source: Niederösterreichische Wirtschaft No. 13 of 31.3.2017