Learning lively and sustainably!

What is the best way to learn? This question is not only relevant at school but at the job as well. Independent learning in working life is already a key qualification. In view of this, WIFI has developed its own learning model - LENA - that highlights your needs and interests. Lively and sustainable - for a permanent learning success.

What does lively and sustainably mean?

Studies show: Knowledge cannot be simply imparted by lectures. Because learning is an active and individual process. Each person learns in a different way, if by hearing, reading, trying out or a mixture of all mentioned. Therefore these components are especially important for the WIFI-Learning Model: the learning persons and their personal learning processes. Only by proceeding like that each person can learn in a way most suitable for her or him.

How is LENA implemented in a WIFI-training?

Trainers accompany you with a mix of innovative learning methods. Based on personal examples you discover solutions that you can implement immediately in your job. In an activating and appreciative atmosphere you train learning by itself as well – and gain exactly the competences you neef for success in your profession.

What is behind LENA?

The WIFI-Learning Model LENA was developed with the scientific support of Prof. Dr. Rolf Arnold. Method criteria were worked out that make lively and sustainable learning possible. The quintessence: Leaning at WIFI may be F.U.N.

Prof. Arnold is one of the most prestigious business and adult pedagogue who researches at the University TU Kaiserslautern.