WIFI Facility Management Academy
Final Transnational Project Meeting


26 June, 2017 in Sofia

On 26 June, 2017, the lead partner of the project, WIFI Bulgaria, hosted the final transnational project meeting in Sofia. After three meetings in each of the other project partner countries, Austria, Hungary and Serbia, it was time to coordinate the remaining tasks of the partners for final implementation.

The materials of the 9 modules on diverse aspects of Facility Management (FM were translated and adapted to the respective country regulations and cultures.

WIFI Bulgaria launched the WIFI FMA platform in May 2017. It is the first and only online platform for distant and self-learning on Facility Management in Europe. It is based on good Austrian practices and the exchange of experience among international experts in the field. The platform provides an easy and flexile access to acquiring specific knowledge that leads to obtaining an internationally recognized Certificate. The WIFI Facility Management Academy has been designed in 5 languages – English, German, Hungarian, Serbian and Bulgarian.

The EU-funded project will end on August 31, 2017 as scheduled. As the Bulgarian, German and English content has already been finished, it can be accessed for free until the end of August 2017. After registering on www.wifi-fma.com, interested people can go through the program for free and learn all relevant facts about Facility Management.

The WIFI Facility Management Academy was developed with the financial assistance of the EU. "WIFI International" is solely responsible for the content, under no circumstances can this information be considered as an official position of the European Union or HRDC.