TASKFORCOME-RGB.jpgThe Interreg-CE-Project TASKFORCOME project addresses two major challenges for the EU and its Member States: the successful integration of migrants into the regional labor market and the potential of social innovation for the social and economic development of our society. People with foreign background are more likely to start businesses than nationals and create an average of 1.4 to 2.2 jobs in their companies. In developing strategies to strengthen their socio-economic integration, these potentials should be consciously noticed and promoted.

The WIFI is education partner in the Interreg-CE project. The project consortium comprises 12 partners from 5 countries (Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Poland). Lead partner is the University of Krakow.

That is what should happen:

  • Sharing and networking of stakeholders to support successful entrepreneurship
  • Each of the participating partners can access a pool of good practices, depending on regional needs:
    • Targeted support for migrants and social entrepreneurs,
    • New learning resources emerge,
    • Training sessions for the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills
    • As well as training packages for social entrepreneurship
    • One-stop shops are being tested in participating regions

More information can be found TASKFORCOME.